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Welcome! This website is a collection of creative endeavors, some finished, of Crystal Charee. The artwork on this website* is free to download under a Creative Commons copyright. That means that you can use anything you find here (outside of the portfolio section) to create your own works of art, merchandise, etc.

Crystal Charee Reich was born in Canton, Ohio in 1978. She grew up in Southern California and currently resides in Peoria, Illinois, birthplace of Dan Fogelberg and Richard Pryor. She has two brothers (one deceased) and one mother (also deceased). She currently works as a freelance artist and sells her jewelry on consignment in local shops and online.

Crystal learned to draw during a 10-year stint as a full-time agoraphobe from 1996-2006. She has since branched out to pixel and digital art, tactile crafts, and jewelry. Her art generally centers around people or human hybrids such as mermaids, unicorns, fairies, aliens, and half-dragons. All of her art, including crafts and jewelry, tend to be brightly colored, sparkly, and pretty. She likes to make ridiculous crafts like pencil holders that take up an impractical amount of space, crowns that are also cup-and-ball games, and crocheted candles that can hold a full pack of 52 Crayons.

Most recently, Crystal worked at Royal Publishing -- a local company that publishes programs for high school sports. There, she learned InDesign and honed her skills in Photoshop. She was in charge of creating brand-new layouts for the employee newsletter and created many cover templates for high school sports programs, tournament programs, and pocket schedules.

Email: crystalchareereich@gmail.com
Instagram: Crystal.Charee
TikTok: Crystal.Charee

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If you're local, I share a display with my friend Ashley at The Picker's Daughter in East Peoria, Illinois.

* Please note that some of the work in the "portfolio" section has been made for other people and is not available for download and use. The work showcased in the portfolio that IS under the Creative Common copyright is available in the main part of the website as well.

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